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UX Idea Generation: Do not miss on these 5 rules!


User experience design (UXD) is an effective way to develop an interface with improvised look and feel, usability and smooth accessibility of a product to achieve great customer satisfaction. UX design puts great emphasis on human-computer interaction.

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Digital Marketing Framework In Its Simplest Form


Digital marketing is any form of marketing, done online. Digital marketing in this digital world is very important and its importance is growing day by day.

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Is Google Analytics working with your React App? If not, make it work in just 4 easy steps.


Single Page Applications are web apps that load with minimum entire page refreshes. They have the entire code loaded at the first page load itself and upon user interaction with the site, only the required data changes dynamically.

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Want to Drive Traffic to your Website? Here’s a Technique that will help you do so..!!


As a digital marketer, if your objective is to drive more traffic to your website you better have a high ranking or help search engine understand that your website is important and recommended.

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10 Guidelines from The Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab to build a Trustable Website


To make your website appealing to the audience is not that easy. Making your audience more receptive and increasing trust and credibility takes effort and time.

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3 Ways to Get New Ideas for a Better UX Process


Writing a resume is hard. Yet even today, most job applications require resumes to be considered for a position. The true goal behind a resume is to market yourself. You are your best advocate.

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How to Prepare for an Interview


Cracking an interview does not seem to be easy for all. Being nervous for an interview is fine as far as you do not show it prominently in the interview. This blog in particular would be helpful for fresh college graduates seeking for job be it a campus or off-campus placement.

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The GraphQL Buzz


GraphQL is a new way of fetching data for the APIs. The QL in it stands for Query Language. REST APIs have been a method for data fetching for quite a long time now, which then brings you to think of why graphQL?

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What and Why Gatsby?


Building modern websites have become way easier with Gatsby becoming the popular kid in tech. Gatsby is known for its easy setup and blazing fast websites. It has powerful pre configurations which is helping in creating sites with incredible advantages.

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7 SEO Black Hat practices to Avoid


SEO is an important and effective task that helps find content, index it and show relevant data online. While working on search engine optimization, you should never engage in shady practices to mislead search engines. Dishonest and shady practices to get visibility for your website is referred to as “Black Hat” SEO.

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Empathy Driven Development


I know you are a kickass JavaScript developer!! But are you a good human too? Do you care about your product being accessible to everyone? There are more than one billion people globally with disability who may benefit from your product but aren’t able to.

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JavaScript Performance Optimization


Better performance of your web application leads to better user experience. There are various ways using which you can boost your application’s performance. Here are some of the ways that I found helpful in optimizing performance of JS applications.

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