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Digital Marketing Framework In Its Simplest Form

Posted by Akanksha Choudhary on 2017-05-16

Digital marketing is any form of marketing, done online. Digital marketing in this digital world is very important and its importance is growing day by day. Everything you do in digital marketing can be tracked and measured. And what can be measured, can be managed. Managing for success is what’s called optimisation. Here’s a small effort explaining the digital marketing framework in layman terms.

Who is your audience?

Who in the framework refers to your target audience to whom you are marketing. Who are your clients or customers/consumers you want your business or product/service to reach.

What are you marketing?

What refers to the service or product you are offering. What are you marketing? What’s the business model? What is the value proposition?

Why are you marketing?

This is probably the most important question you should ask yourself before marketing anything. What is your objective behind marketing? What are your core values? If you have an emotional resonance behind your objective/story, much better. People usually don’t buy ‘what’ you do, but ’Why’ you do it

When to approach your customer?

This refers to your customer journey. Not all customers know about your product or service, so your marketing will depend on when a customer ready to receive it. You need to understand when to talk to a customer and with what message.

Where to find audience?

Where will you find your customers and what channels will you choose to reach out to them? What are the channels your customer use? Channels refer to social media, direct text message or emails, broadcasting, etc.

How to approach?

This refers to the content you use to reach out to customers or what message you choose to deliver to customers.