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Want to Drive Traffic to your Website? Here’s a Technique that will help you do so..!!

Posted by Akanksha Choudhary on 2017-09-07

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As a digital marketer, if your objective is to drive more traffic to your website you better have a high ranking or help search engine understand that your website is important and recommended. One of the ways you can achieve this is through ‘Link-Building’. Link building is a powerful SEO technique. If your website has many external links pointing to it, search engines tend to understand that your page is very important. These links are called backlinks or inbound links. Backlinks seem to act like recommendations for your site.

But again, not every backlink is valued equally. Search engines will evaluate whether those external links pointing to website are coming from a trustworthy source and are of high quality. In order to start Link-Building process you need to measure the quality, credibility and trustworthiness of sites you want to approach. One way to do this is to use SEO tools. One example of such a tool is SEMRush.

First you need to figure out a few sites from which you think would make sense to reach out for Backlinks. For example if you are a fashion company, you need to look out for different famous fashion blog sites or which you think have content relevant to your services or product. You should see the relevance of their content and find out how large their audience is, so as to maximise your exposure.

Just navigate to SEMRush website (https://www.semrush.com/). Enter the domain url in the search box for the site you want to analyze organic search traffic numbers and then click Start Now.

You can see various data about a site such as Organic search traffic, Backlinks available, Paid search, etc. Go ahead and explore more for analysis on different sites and choose among the best for backlinks to your website. Happy Back-Linking!!