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UX Idea Generation: Do not miss on these 5 rules!

Posted by Akanksha Choudhary on 2016-06-22

User experience design (UXD) is an effective way to develop an interface with improvised look and feel, usability and smooth accessibility of a product to achieve great customer satisfaction. UX design puts great emphasis on human-computer interaction.

Ideation in UX design is a process of coming up with lots and lots of ideas that leads to a more effective, creative and satisfactory solutions for users. Group brainstorming is a popular ideation method. During a brainstorm, designers are encouraged to come up with large amount of ideas. When many ideas are generated the probability of getting useful and creative ideas increase. This blog shares about the Ideation method of UX design and some rules for generating ideas for a design or project.

5 Rules for generating ideas:

1. Stay focused
A way to stay focused is to have your ideas in front of you always, in a room where you can capture all your ideas. For example you may write your ideas on a white board or on sticky notes in a room all over.

2. Be Obvious
What is obvious to you may not be obvious to others. Each team member brings a different perspective to ideation. So try to be obvious.

3. Go for quantity
Have lots and lots of raw ideas at first. At this stage no idea is good or bad. To get maximum number of ideas, people should be free of the thought of their idea being discarded. Sometimes different ideas connect with each other to become a great idea. So get as many ideas so that you come down to one best among them.

4. Build on the ideas of others
When working with group of people you can have a single idea grow into bigger idea. For example, consider a table fan. The idea may be to build a table fan. To build on it, ideas may be to have an led light at the center of the fan or to make the fan battery operated or to make the fan swing to and fro for better user experience. This is how ideas are built on an idea.

5. Have Fun
Always work in a good mood to have a fun experience and to get lots of ideas.

User experience has become an important concern for designers. A UX designer needs to investigate as much about people, processes and products before the design phase. Ideation is one of the phase that UX designers prefer to follow.