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3 Ways to Get New Ideas for a Better UX Process

Posted by Akanksha Choudhary on 2018-06-25

In continuation to my previous blog UX Idea Generation: Do not miss on these 5 rules!, this blog explains about ways which would be helpful to generate ideas. The environment you work in or the people you work with, play an important role in Ideation technique. It is important that you interact with people for their suggestions, feedback or ideas to come up with amazing solutions. Let’s look at a few ways in which you can do this.

3 Ways to generate ideas or configuration of people you might want to work with to generate ideas:


Research has shown that best ideas come when people start to think alone and write down all the ideas that come to their mind. This is important to get all your ideas without worrying about what other people think of it, without being biased. When you are writing your ideas alone, they can just flow out of your mind without being interrupted by anybody else’s. So this is the best way to start with.


After generating individual ideas, team ideation is good for gaining new perspective. It’s time to get ideas from different people who have entirely different point of view and experience. Getting the team together and probably brainstorming for a short span is great for keeping everyone in focus and energized. Team work also means that you make progress together. Sometimes working individually, you get stuck with something which can be frustrating. Working in teams can help you get new ideas and progress further.


Lastly when you have generated ideas alone and in groups, you may want to go out to the community to generate new ideas. You can take advantage of the local expertise of the people out there. Getting people involved for whom you are developing the idea, in the creation process itself can really help them adopt the idea later. Interacting with the community face-to-face may not always be possible. In such cases feel free to go online. Many communities have online groups or blogs where you can interact with them.

There may be many other ways in which you can get help generating ideas. Here I have listed a few efficient ways which might be helpful. Stay tuned for more on UX!